About us

Horizons Academy for Professionals LLC, located in Montpellier, France, is part of Horizons Group Holding Company and is solely dedicated to companies and professionals in the aviation & tourism industries.

We provide our customers with tailored competency-based trainings and refreshers for their personnel in accordance with current international regulations. In an increasingly complex environment, Horizons Academy for Professionals consulting brings together the expertise and support needed by companies in the aviation and tourism industries.

Of course, we keep in mind that safety and efficiency are paramount in the aviation industry, so we know how to provide aviation professionals with the latest up to date standards and job relevant training, knowledge and skills.

Customized Trainings using a Competency-Based Approach…

What is the point of training your employees if they can’t apply it in practice, hence we have adopted a competency-based training approach. With this technique, we not only focus on teaching everything related to the subject matter but also on analyzing each employees’ job performance, acquired knowledge and skills along with company projected outputs respective of tasks to be carried out. This will result in more consistent, productive results.

Horizons Academy for Professionals delivers Initial and Recurrent trainings depending on the required program.

Delivery Methods / Languages…

Subject to our clients’ requirements, we can adapt our training courses to be delivered by :
– E-learning
– Virtual classroom with an instructor
– Face-to-face with an instructor

Our instructors may deliver courses or use their language skills during the course to help candidates better comprehend the suject.

Available languages:
– English and French for all our courses
– Arabic (Middle Eastern and Maghreb), Spanish, Malayalam for specific courses


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