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What is the point of training your employee if they can’t apply it to practice, hence we have adopted a performance based training approach. With this technic we focuses not only on teaching everything relating to the subject matter but also about analysing each employee’s job performance, past learning success, projected outputs and tasks to be done. This will result in a more consistent, productive results.

Horizons Academy for Professional delivers Initial and recurrent trainings depending on required program. 


Subject to our clients’ requirements we can adapt our trainings to be delivered using E-learning, Virtual classroom with an instructor, Distant Learning or in a classroom.

Our instructors may deliver courses or use their language skills during the course helping candidates better comprehend the course. 

Available languages: 

  • English and French for all our course
  • Arabic* (Middle Eastern and Maghreb), Spanish*, Malayalam* for specific courses

(*see under each course)

Flight Dispatch

Initial and recurrent courses for airlines flight dispatcher, flight operation officer/assistant in accordance with ICAO and IATA IOSA regulations

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Ground Staff

Initial and recurrent courses dedicated to airline and ground handling companies in accordance with IATA ISAGO regulations

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Cabin Crew

Initial training program for airline cabin crew in accordance with EASA's Regulation (Cabin Crew Attestation european license). Recurrent & Aircraft Type Rating trainings

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Initial and recurrent training dedicated to travel agencies' staff including global distribution systems and call centers agents.

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Dangerous Goods

Training programs according to ICAO Annex 18 and IATA's regulations for Dangerous Goods transportation by air for all company staff involved in dangerous goods transportation : airline, handling companies, shippers, freight forwarders etc...

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Consulting & Expertise

Tailored solutions for airline and handling companies : Train the trainer courses, Audit for airline & airport (internal operations & organisation), Establishment, start-up of a and management of training center or travel agency.

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